ownCloud Hosting

ownCloud LogoISG's file cloud and team sharing service based on ownCloud.org.  An Open Source based service delivered from ISG's CT datacenter.  Access and share your files from any device on your terms.  Share files with any user in your cloud or send links to external users via email.  More than DropBox or Google Drive type service, ownCloud is an application platform that can be extended using free apps developed by the Open Source community.

Convenient storage based pricing model means you can add as many users as you need without incurring more costs.


  • Open Source software
  • Built on owncloud.org, managed by ISG
  • Your own private server, dedicated to your organization
  • Fully managed, includes regular OwnCloud updates performed by ISG
  • No bandwidth limits
  • No quota, add data as you need to and pay an incremental charge based on your storage


  • All accounts include SSL encryption under ISG's managed certificate
  • Ability to integrate with your organization's domain.  ex:  https://cloud.yourcompany.com
  • Manage users and groups via a dedicated admin panel
  • Ability to authenticate using POP3 or IMAP server.  Use your email address and password for convenience

Core Features

  • Mobile and desktop syncing.  Desktop sync client supports Windows, Mac, Linux.  Free mobile sync client from the app store.
  • Share with anybody within or outside your organization.
  • Manage users, groups, and permissions for any folder or file
  • Create publicly shareable links with/without passwords and with optional automatic expiration
  • Upload files up to 2GB.  ISG can allow for larger uploads upon request
  • Versioning and undelete.  Bring back any data you have deleted, or even any version of a file which you've modified
  • Activity feed - see what's going on in your OwnCloud

Add additional apps (upon request, one time service charge may apply)

  • Gallery App - Photos and images are automatically added to galleries.  Share galleries with family and friends.  Give them access to view, download, or upload.  Send a link to anybody and control whether they can reshare.
  • Calendars and Contacts - Share your calendar or contacts with other users.  Store your contacts in OwnCloud and share them to your devices
  • Collaborative Editing - Up to 5 users can collaboratively edit rich text documents (.doc or .odt) securely within the web browser.
  • Music App - Listen to your music, stream content with the streaming app
  • https://apps.owncloud.com - Lots of other apps are available to extend OwnCloud capabilities.