Online Backup

ISG BlackBox Online Backup is a flexible cloud based data backup solution for all your PC and server platforms including Linux/Unix, Windows, and Mac.  We offer two editions, Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition, sized to fit any backup size from a single device to an entire business network.

Compare Editions and Features

Each online backup edition is offered as a monthly subscription.  Select a quarterly, annual, or bi-annual plan to receive discounts off the monthly plan price, including any additional backup modules or storage upgrades.  All plans include a 30 day, no risk, free trial.

Professional Services

Planning, installing, configuring, and testing backups can be complex depending on the number and types of systems being backed up.  We are here to assist or even handle the entire process for you.  Contact Us to learn how we can help.  We can guide you on:

  • Professional data backup guidance and consultation
  • Software installation and configuration via remote access
  • First-time backup of large data sets
  • System restore and data recovery
  • We can even assist with Business Continuity in the event of a disaster.  We can deploy cloud based server(s) to restore your data to in order to get you back up and running quickly so you can operate your business.