ISG Enhances Network Power Protection With Upgrade to UPS

ISG has completed an upgrade to one of the most important components of our network infrastructure, our Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS).  We utilize a large scale UPS for every power circuit that feeds the equipment in our data center.  The UPS ensures that the power supplied to our network is always within acceptable range for voltage and frequency.  This includes maintaining consistent power during commercial power failures as well as brown out (low voltage) or surge (high voltage) scenarios.  Even with our emergency standby generator, the UPS is required to perform reliably during the critical transition between commercial power failure and the standby generator coming online.

Our new UPS has 2x the capacity of our old system, is completely modular with hot-swappable components, and is fully N+1 redundant.  The UPS can sustain failures of individual power modules, intelligence modules, and battery modules while remaining online and protecting the network.  The modules can be removed and replaced while the unit is in operation so that there is no gap in power protection to the equipment.

As part of our upgrade, we have also installed all of the electrical infrastructure required to add a 2nd UPS unit to our network to provide for even further redundancy of our power infrastructure in the future.

This upgrade was completed without any downtime or interruption to our hosting environment.