ISG Announces Managed Hosting for ownCloud Open Source File Sync and Sharing

ownCloud logo with background_1_0.png

ISG is excited to announce that we have officially launched a fully managed and supported file sync and sharing service based on ownCloud.  As file sizes have grown, sharing files via email and ftp has become increasingly cumbersome.  Organizations who value the privacy and confidentiality of their data, as well as that of their clients, are hesitant to utilize services such as DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and others.  Additionally, free services tend to utilize intrusive ads and other marketing tactics to monetize their service offerings.  Some free providers have even ceased operations with little or no notice to users, leaving them with a loss of data if they did not also have local backups.

ISG's main objective is to provide a robust, secure, and cost-effective file sharing service for our customers who desire to retain control over the privacy and confidentiality of their data.

We evaluated many Open Source software projects and technologies.  We selected ownCloud for several reasons:

  • Comprehensive feature set meets all the requirements desired by our customers
  • Multi-platform desktop sync for Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Native app for Android and IOS platforms
  • Open Source license
  • Mature software project in it's 8th major release, and ownCloud 9 is right around the corner
  • Thriving community of contributors to both the core code as well as add-on apps
  • Backed by a business that provides enterprise support releases for those who may require it

As usual, ISG "ate our own dogfood" by becoming our first ownCloud customer.  We actually deployed the service for our own company in late 2015.  By using the service for our own business first, we could fine tune our network, processes, and make improvements to the software and configuration.  Not being satified with a 'stock' ownCloud installtation, ISG has added our own special sauce to the recipe:


  • Dedicated IP addresses and ownCloud instances per customer
  • Enforcing of SSL encryption for all connections.  Additionally, ISG provides each customer their own namespace within our domain such that customers do not have to purchase their own SSL certificates.  Customers can optionally choose to utilize their own domain and SSL certificate for branding and name recognition purposes.
  • Separate ownCloud data repositories per customer
  • Separate ownCloud databases per customer


  • Leverages ISG's existing infrastructure within our wholly owned, private, data center.  Learn more about our network and data center.
  • We utilize a cluster of ownCloud servers running in a load-balanced environment
  • Our front-end SSL proxies provide automatic fail-over
  • Backed by ISG's distributed storage network.  3 copies of all data files are available online


  • Our load balanced ownCloud cluster can be expanded without downtime, as needed, to maintain a sufficient level of performance
  • Our storage network can be expanded for additional performance and capacity without downtime, as needed


  • Ability to authenticate via IMAP or POP3 (email authentication) so that users can login using their email credentials.

As the ownCloud external authentication module was not sufficient for us to utilize, we developed our own.  Our module allows for enhanced features such as white or black listing certain email addresses within a domain.  It also allows for automatically adding your users to particular groups to facilitate file sharing within your organization.

  • ISG can install additional ownCloud apps upon request, at no additional charge
  • We're available to help your organization implement and deploy ownCloud, should you require assistance

Please read our ownCloud Hosting pages to learn more about ISG's ownCloud hosting service and sign up.