Zimbra Sales Training Certification

ISG is a long time partner of Zimbra, offering Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network Edition as a fully managed cloud service.  Since becoming a Synacor product, Zimbra has expanded their training and certifcation programs to include sales.  ISG employees have completed the sales training program and have passed the certifcation test.

Completion of this milestone allows ISG to be listed in the partner area of the Zimbra website as a cloud provider and have access to the latest technical resources in the partner portal.


ownCloud logo with background_1_0.pngWe have upgraded our ownCloud file sync and sharing servers to version 9 series (9.0.2 to be specific)

This is a major version upgrade from ownCloud 8 series and includes 3 main improvements:


ISG has completed an upgrade to one of the most important components of our network infrastructure, our Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS).  We utilize a large scale UPS for every power circuit that feeds the equipment in our data center.  The UPS ensures that the power supplied to our network is always within acceptable range for voltage and frequency.  This includes maintaining consistent power during commercial power failures as well as brown out (low voltage) or surge (high voltage) scenarios.


The topic regarding whether workers should be classified as employees or contractors has been a hot one lately.  With the recent changes to the health care laws, the stakes are much higher in many cases.  The New York Times did an article on the topic.  ISG owner Gary Cuozzo was interviewed and comments were featured (as well as a photo).

You can read the article here: