xTuple Services

xTuple_no reflection.pngISG offers the following services for xTuple ERP:

ISG xtCloud xTuple ERP Hosting

  • Fully managed hosting for any edition or license of xTuple ERP, including the free PostBooks edition
  • Run any version of xTuple, no mandatory upgrades required
  • Migrate your on-premise xTuple server to the cloud, or augment your server as a disaster recovery hot site with replication
  • Learn More:  xtCloud Hosting

xTuple PostgreSQL Online Backups

  • Utilize ISG BlackBox Online Backup to perform periodic PostgreSQL database dumps and back up to our data center
  • Back up any platform:  Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris/Unix
  • Turn-key installation and configuration available

xTuple ERP installation and upgrades

  • Installation and upgrades for any edition of xTuple or PostBooks

xTuple implementation

  • Professional business consulting and guidance

xTuple customization

  • Custom modules to extend the capabilities of xTuple
  • Custom reports
  • Integate with 3rd party systems

PostgreSQL database server installation, upgrades, and tuning

  • Expert system administration for your on premise PostgreSQL server
  • If you are running an older version of PostgreSQL (pre v9.1) you will not be able to upgrade to the latest versions of xTuple ERP until your database server is upgraded.  ISG can perform the upgrade and migrate your database clusters, migrate any custom settings, and ensure any host base security settings are retained.