ISG xtCloud xTuple ERP Hosting

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Businesses of all sizes have embraced the cloud for many different applications and services.  ISG's xtCloud xTuple hosting offers a cost effective way to take advantage of all the benefits the cloud has to offer and apply them to your xTuple application.  Whether you are ready to deploy xTuple for the first time, or are looking to migrate your existing database from an in-house server to the cloud, ISG will make the process quick, easy, and painless.

  • Capacity based pricing model delivers a substantial savings over user based pricing
  • Hosting for any edition of xTuple, including the completely Free Open Source PostBooks Edition
  • All hosting services delivered from ISG's Wallingford, CT data center
  • Shared and dedicated plans available to serve small to large organizations

All plans include:

  • Performance tuned Linux OS and database parameters
  • Administrative access to create/delete databases.  Setup as many sandbox/testing databases as needed.
  • Dedicated disk storage allocation, protects one customer database from another
  • Dedicated PostgreSQL database instance
  • Dedicated IP address with PostgreSQL database running on the default port 5432, allows for easy xTuple client configuration.  No odd port numbers to remember.
  • Requied SSL enabled PostgreSQL connections ensure your data is always protected while in trasit
  • Managed firewall service
  • PostgreSQL database dumps every 4 hours backed up via ISG BlackBox Online Backup and replicated to additional backup server in realtime.  All backups kept for 30 days.
  • SSH shell access for advanced users provides direct access to:
    • postgresql.conf
    • pg_hba.conf
    • latest backup/dump file
    • stop/start/restart PostgreSQL instance
    • command line access to psql utility
    • scripting/automation capabilities
  • ISG managed servers receive timely OS and security updates
  • xTuple updates applied upon your request, when you are ready for them

Shared plans include:

  • PostgreSQL database server running on ISG managed HP enterprise server.  Multi-disk redundant arrays utilize SAS drives for maximum performance.
  • 10G of dedicated disk storage for databases and backups
  • Additional storage at reasonable per GB rate
  • Increase storage on-the-fly without interruption of service

Dedicated plans include:

  • All the features of the shared plan
  • Dedicated server for exclusive use by customer
  • Server performance and capacity customized for customer