WordPress Services

WordPress LogoWordPress is an excellent content management system for websites.  It is quick to deploy and easy to configure.  There are many third party modules which can be used to extend the core functionality and create sophisticated websites and e-commerce stores.

ISG offers the following services for WordPress:

WordPress Hosting

ISG's hosting network is tailored for WordPress hosting.  If you have a WordPress website and require a hosting provider who understands deployment and support, ISG will provide:

  • Hosting account and MySQL database for your WordPress website
  • Import your website into ISG's git version control system for tracking changes to WordPress files
  • Configure proper file permissions in order to maximize security
  • Ensure that WordPress core and any third-party modules or theme files are up to date
  • Provide properly configured SMTP services
  • Ensure your website and the database are backed up several times per day

Learn more about ISG's hosting services and network features

WordPress website design and development

For new projects, we always start with the latest edition of WordPress CMS

For changes to existing WordPress sites, we always make sure to update and/or upgrade to the latest versions of WordPress core, any add-in modules, and any themes

We can create WordPress themes based on custom designs, or designs provided by your designer.  For smaller projects or budgets, we can help you find an off-the-shelf theme from a third party provider and custom configure it for you.  Our themes are always mobile responsive and don't cost extra or require additional hosting services to create a separate mobile edition of your website.

WordPress maintenance and upgrades

If you are running a recent version of WordPress, we can keep you up to date with the latest security and bug fixes.

  • Upgrade Wordpress core
  • Upgrade third party modules
  • Address any potential configuration issues
  • Sometimes updates can cause issues.  We properly backup your database prior to making any changes and utilize ISG's git version control system to track all files.  In the event of a failed update, we can roll back your website to avoid extended downtime while we make a plan to work around the issue.

If you have a website running an older version of WordPress, we can perform an upgrade for you.

  • We can assess your current website to identify any potential issues, such as third party modules or themes which are no longer supported.
  • We will perform the upgrade using our password protected staging environment so that your current site will stay up and running until the work is completed.

WooCommerce E-Commerce Websites

WooCommerce is a feature-rich e-commerce plugin for WordPress.  It can be used to build to build online stores that sell physical products, virtual products, or downloadable products.

ISG can help you launch a successful online store from start to finish.  We will:

  • Analyze your specifications and carefully map them into a solution built on WooCommerce.  If you are in the early stages of defining your project, engage with ISG to help you create a detailed specification and project plan.
  • Identify any requirements which may require custom programming for implementation, such as integration with external ERP or Accounting applications
  • Create a detailed project plan and budget
  • Implement your project, coordinate testing and acceptance
  • Perform training and create documentation

Custom WordPress and WooCommerce modules and integration

Although there are many modules which can be installed into WordPress to extend its capabilities, businesses that are looking for high levels of automation and integration may require a custom module or application.  We have successfully utilized the WordPress and WooCommerce REST API's to accomplish sophisticated integration with external business applications, such as xTuple and PostBooks ERP.

Some interesting projects ISG has completed for customers include:

  • Automatic updating of inventory levels for WooCommerce items based on data from ERP or other external applications
  • Automatic import of WooCommerce website orders and customers into ERP or accounting application
  • Automatic updates of WordPress website from external content repository or database
  • Automatic updating of WooCommerce orders for shipments, tracking data, and other order status from external applications

WordPress services for website designers and graphic artists

If you are a website designer or graphic artist, we know that you want to focus on the user experience and visual aspects of your project.  If your customers are asking for challenging website features, let ISG handle the technical aspects of your project and allow you to focus on the design.  Contact Us to discuss your needs.