ISG Drupal CMS

drupal-logo.pngTurning the most powerful Open Source CMS into the most business friendly CMS.

ISG Drupal CMS bundles together the following products and services to create a turn-key Drupal business website platform:

  • Drupal core
  • Dozens of add-in Drupal modules
  • Additional ISG modules to provide commonly requested website capabilities
  • Expert Drupal configuration
  • ISG managed Drupal hosting environment
  • Ongoing Drupal core and module updates
  • Training and documentation

ISG Drupal CMS aims to address these common issues related to the creation, deployment, and maintenance of a Drupal Content Management System.  In reality, these issues are common to any CMS, but our focus is specifically on Drupal.

  • Repeated time and expense to bootstrap a project.

Every project starts the same way:  configure a database, install Drupal core, spend hours to days installing and configuring all the required third party modules, build common content type, build the site structure, etc.  We believe this overhead should be minimized in order to speed up the process, produce more consistent and supportable configurations, and reduce cost to the customer.

  • Reuse common components for common business requirements

We see the same website feature requests over and over again:  News and announcements, events, media and photo galleries, project portfolios, contact forms, blogs, etc.  ISG has created standardized, but customizable, solutions to these commonly requested features.  We offer them in an a-la-carte fashion so you only have to buy the features you want.

  • Simple and predictable deployment

ISG's vesion control system is an integral part of the development, deployment, and maintenance processes.  All files are tracked from project inception.  When it is time to publish your new site, or apply updates to your existing site, we do so according to a strict process which is easily reversible in the event of an issue.

  • Automatic ongoing security updates and bug fixes

Content Mangement Systems are software applications.  Just like your computer operating system and applications, CMS's require regular updates in order to address security issues and bug fixes.  These updates are critical to the ongoing security of the website as well as the underlying hosting platform.  Updates can add significantly to the cost of maintaining a website and are not usually factored in.  Most end users tend to be caught off guard when they find out these updates are required and not included in their hosting cost.

ISG Drupal CMS incorporates a purpose built hosting environment which allows us to apply updates to each of the modules which we have selected to use.  We use version control to apply updates in our staging/test environment and track each update as it is applied to production.  This process minimizes the chance of breaking your production website.

Most importantly, ISG manages the entire process for you and the cost is included in your hosting plan.

  • Training

As an ISG customer, you are welcome to come to our regularly scheduled Drupal CMS instructor led class.  The 2 hour class teaches you how to manage your website.  As long as you are a customer, you can come back as often as you'd like.

If you need additional or more advanced training, or if you have a group, arrange to have a private course for a reasonable fee.  We can customize the course content specifically for your website and your organization.