Online Backups FAQ's

Can I backup my Linux/Unix headless servers?


BlackBox Online Backup Enterprise Edition as a robust command line interface (CLI).  All functions including installation, configuration, creating backup jobs, running backup jobs, and performing file recovery, can be completed from a command terminal.

Additionally, you can install a few X11 support libraries, such as xauth and x11-common, and run the BlackBox Online Backup GUI client via ssh using X11 forwarding.  This can be done from any Linux/Unix system with X-Windows installed or from a Windows or Macintosh system with a X11 server and ssh client installed.

Can I backup my open source based servers running Linux, BSD, OmniOs, and other Unix based operating systems?


BlackBox Online Backup Enterprise Edition will natively backup your Linux, BSD, OmniOS, Solaris, and other Unix based operating systems.  Unline other online backup services, we do not require you to share your data using services such as Samba, then utilize a Windows based solution to perform the backup.  We can backup modern 64-bit editions of each operating system, or older, legacy, 32-bit operating systems.

In addition to files, Unix symlinks and file permissions can also be backed up.

Can I backup MySQL databases?


BlackBox Online Backup Enterprise Edition includes a module which will automatically call the mysqldump utility to create SQL dumps of each database.  Each SQL dump file will be sent individually to the online backup servers.  Once the backup is completed, the temporary SQL dump files are automatically cleaned up.

You can recover all or any individual MySQL databases.  The SQL dump file for each database will be retrieved from the online backup servers and put into a directory which you specify.  The mysql command line utility, or any other MySQL database utility such as PHPMyAdmin, can be used to import the SQL dump files.

Can I backup PostgreSQL databases?


BlackBox Online Backup Enterprise Edition can run pre and post scripts for each backup job.  This feature can be used to run pg_dump or pg_dumpall to create local backup files of each database you want to backup.  Once the pre script runs, BlackBox Online Backup will send each database backup file to the backup servers.  A post script can be used to clean up the temporary database dump files.

This method provides an easy to maintain system for online backup of PostgreSQL databases.

Can I perform a consistent backup of a busy Linux/Unix file server or email server?


For busy Linux/Unix systems such as file servers or email servers, we recommend installing the server using a volume manager, such as LVM, which allows for filesystem snapshots.  You can use the pre and post script feature of BlackBox Online Backup Enterprise Edition to automate creating snapshots, mounting them in a location, then removing them after the backup job runs.

Using this method allows for consistently successful backups of busy servers.

Note that this method is not recommended for database servers.  For database servers we recommend using the proper database dump utility to create database backup files, and then using BlackBox Online Backup Enterprise Edition to backup the files.

Is my data safe?


By default, all BlackBox Online Backup jobs employ military grade encryption (and compression) to secure your data on your PC or server BEFORE it leaves the computer.  When your data is retrieved from the online backup servers, it is sent to the recovery computer in the encrypted format.  The operator who is retrieving the data has to supply the encryption key in order to decrypt the data.

Additionally, you can specify specific IP addresses which are allowed to download data for recovery.  This additional safeguard locks down recovery to only the computers or networks which are authorized to do so.

BlackBox Online Backup Enterprise Edition allows you to even specify custom encryption algorithms and security keys on a per job basis.  This feature allows you to have operators who are only granted access to recover data for backup jobs which they require access to.  This feature can can help your business meet certain compliance regulations for data security.

We have a slow Internet connection, will backing up online impact our bandwidth during the business day?

No.  We can optimize your backups for both schedule and bandwidth usage.  Additionally, all accounts are bandwidth limited by our online backup servers so that your Internet connectivity will not be impacted.  BlackBox Online Backup Enterprise accounts have 1Mbps of bandwidth allocated and Standard Edition accounts have 512Kbps.  The bandwidth can be tuned up or down to meet your specific business requirements.

Additionally, for BlackBox Online Backup Enterprise Customers, our online backup scheduler can be configured to interrupt a long running backup job before the start of business hours and pick up where it left off the next time the job runs.