Hosting Network Specifications

We've spent many years building a great network so you don't have to.  We're constantly tuning and upgrading in order to provide you a stable and secure repository for your critical data.


  • Multiple dedicated fiber optic Internet connections

  • Redundant and efficient routing via BGP4 protocol

  • Redundant firewalls and routers with automatic BGP session failover

  • CAT6 Gigabit ethernet throughout

  • Capability for point to point, private, low-latency, connectivity for fiber and cable Internet customers

  • Office-to-office VPN capability


Power Infrastructure

  • Entire network protected by large scale UPS battery backup

  • Automatic transfer switch brings backup power online within seconds of loss of commercial power

  • On site natural gas powered generator with capacity to run entire facility for weeks without interruption or refueling

  • Redundant A/B electrical circuits for every equipment cabinet feed redundant power supplies with unique circuits

  • Network enabled power distribution units (PDU) with automatic transfer switches enable even single power source devices with redundant power circuits



  • HP enterprise servers and storage equipment

  • All disk arrays configured with redundancy

  • Redundant power supplies fed from redundant electrical circuits



  • Multi-layer security model

  • Separation of public and private data communications

  • Dedicated high performance storage network


Environmental and Equipment Health

  • Dedicated CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioner) for temperature and humidity control

  • Redundant Liebert CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioner) units

  • 24x7 monitoring of network and service availability

  • All servers monitored for health (RAID status, power supply status, temperature)


Data Safeguards and Privacy

  • Hourly snapshots with off site replication of data & virtual machine disk images

  • ISG Blackbox Online Backup performs file based backups several times per day

  • Online backups replicated in real time to redundant server

  • Physical access to data center limited to ISG employees

  • Customer access to data center only when accompanied by ISG personnel