Gary Cuozzo: Open Source For Business Since 1998

I hope you'll take a moment to read a bit about my history and ISG Software Group, LLC:

While ISG Software Group, LLC was founded in 2008, its roots date back to 1998 when I discovered the world of Open Source software, quit my job as a Senior Software Engineer with a small telecommunications hardware company, and started Innovation Software Group, LLC.

Prior to starting my business, I worked professionally as a Software and Computer Engineer from the late 1980's.  I worked for both large multi-national companies like Olin Corporation and Pitney Bowes, as well as some small engineering firms.  My experience ranged from microprocessor and DSP based hardware design, to realtime embedded software and motion control systems, to PC device driver and application design.

Through years of working with proprietary hardware systems, software systems, compilers, debuggers, Unix, OS/2, and Windows operating systems, I became increasingly frustrated with the closed nature of the products and the seemingly guarantied obsolescence and short life span.  Always preferring the power and flexibility of Unix systems, I was turned off by the high cost of the hardware from vendors like HP and Sun Microsystems.

An introduction to the world of Open Source software, and Gnu/Linux in particular, completely convinced me that the Unix-like Linux operating system, running on inexpensive Intel based hardware, would eventually dominate the future of computing.  The Open Source model just makes sense.  In 1998, I founded Innovation Software Group, LLC.  The company provided consulting, development, integration, and training.  The focus was exclusively on Open Source technology.  The core customer base was typically large multi-national enterprises.

In 1999, as the adoption rate of Linux and Open Source software started to accelerate, I registered for the first ever Red Hat Certified Engineer training course and test.  Traveling to Red Hat headquarters in North Carolina, I passed the demanding written and lab-based test to become one of the first ever Red Hat Certified Engineers.

In 2008, I decided to go in a different direction:  Offer best of breed Open Source software running in a local data center and hosting facility, and design a suite of products and services which are geared toward small and medium businesses.  While there were certainly many hosting companies already providing various technologies, I felt that the small and medium sized businesses were missing out because there was a lack of simple business solutions, offered from a one-stop-shop, with a full range of services.  I founded ISG to become a comprehensive cloud services provider, offering a suite of fully managed a la carte services geared toward small and medium sized businesses.

The name ISG Software Group is a recursive acronym based on my previous company name Innovation Software Group.

ISG Software Group offers a suite of products around the following core services:

  • Website and software application development
  • Website and email hosting
  • Virtualization and cloud hosting services
  • Online data backups and disaster recovery
  • Training
  • xTuple ERP, for manufacturing businesses

Of course, 100% of our technology stack is Open Source.

The ISG team brings enterprise class services and experience to small and medium sized businesses.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.  I invite you to call me and discuss how my business can help yours grow.


Gary S. Cuozzo